Travel Insurance

Why should I insure my trip?

While there are numerous reasons as to you why you need a travel insurance there are a plethora of companies that will offer you a quote for their comprehensive plans. Finding and choosing the right insurance plan can be a rigorous process and more often than not, we end up downplaying the importance of travel insurance.

Medical Emergencies

Medical Emergencies

Probably the largest section under an insurance plan and rightly so. While holidays are rosy and nice, they also bear the risk of medical illness which could turn into a costly affair. 

Missed Flights

Delayed Flights

Delayed fights are not a new concept to us. Sometimes we even find ourselves in that predicament more often than we would like to. 

Lost Baggage

Loss of baggage

Seeing the luggage carousel empty without your bag in sight can be a frustrating experience. Airline have committed to improved tracking technology to reduce the loss of bags. However, annually we still see 25 million bags lost worldwide.  

Why Travel Insurance

And many more...

What most travelers have come to realize over the years are the different levels of risk incurred on their trips. Getting your trip insured provides a cushion to the effects of these risks and help you truly make the most of that well earned vacation. 

A Peace of mind as you go!

With Travel Insurance well on its way to becoming an important travel essential, we at Travel z Holiday can help in finding the right insurance policy for you!